For the continuous application of veneer strips, decorative foil or other similar materials on profiles made of solid wood, plywood, aluminum, etc. with the use of EVA hotmelt adhesives.

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Wrapping machine Barberan, Year: 2005



Profile width

10-280 mm

Profile height

2-80 mm

Profile length min.

500 mm

Film width max.

280 mm

Strip width

40-280 mm

Temperature of the glue

220° C.

Diameter of the transport wheels

200 mm

Width of the wheels

2 x 15 mm

Max adjustable distance between wheels

250 mm

Transport speed

10-60 m / min

Working height

900 mm

Motor performance of the application head

0.75 kW

Performance of horizontal brush

0.37 kW

Performance of edge brushes

2 x 0.18 kW

Resistance for glue tank

2 x 6 kW

Resistors for gluing head

3 x 1.8 kW

Resistors for the tank connection

4 x 0.5 kW

Profile umbrellas

3 x 1 kW

Compressed air

6 bars


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