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Wrapping machine Barberan, Model RP-32, Year of Production: 2000

For the continuous application of veneer, paper foil or other similar materials on profiles made of solid wood, plywood, aluminum, etc. with the use of EVA  /APAO hot melt adhesives.

Profile width40 – 300 mm
Profile height2 – 80 mm
Profile length min.800 mm
Temperature of the glue220°C
Diameter of the transport wheels200 mm
Width oft he wheels2 x 15 mm
Max. adjustable distance between wheels250 mm
Transport speed0 – 60 m/min
Motor power of the speed3 kW
Motor power  of  the application head0,75 kW
Working height900 mm
Motor power of the brush0,37 kW
IR Lamps2 Shortwave lamps, which are switched on automatically as soon as a workpiece enters. Ideal for preheating or adhesive reactivation or laminate softening
Extruder / Granulated hot melt adhesives2,25 kW, for the supply of hot melt granules in the melting unit. Suitable for continuous high production capacities
Saw vertical1,5 kW
Hot air blower2 for preheating or glue reactivatio
Saw / groowing saw  (left /right)2x 4 kW
Milling unit (left/right)2×0,5 kW
Total power Consumption60 kW
Compressed air6 bar
Air consumption100 NL/min


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