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Lacquering / Spray installation CEFLA / HEESEMANN, year: 2008

Technical specifications

Dimensions of the working pieces

Length max. 3500 mm; min. 300 mm

Width max. 1300 mm; min. 10 mm

Height max. 80 mm; min. 10 mm

Bending 10 mm

Minimum temperature -5°C

Heating medium: Water 90°

pressure 6 bars max

Control side: right side

This installation consists of: 
Feeding belt conveyor

Type: TNS 1450/RBT,

Machine No. 08098/01


Total length 1700 mm

Power 0,26 kW

Feed rate max. 11,2 m/min

Wide belt sanding machine Heesemann, Type: MFA 6

Machine No. 2008.03.203


Working width: 1350mm

Belt feeding at the right side

Working piece heights: 3-150 mm

Feed rate: 3 – 15 m/min

Working height: 880 mm

Sanding unit composition:

1 Crosswise Q: 4800 x 150 mm/ 2,0 – 20 m/sec/ 15 kW

1 Lengthwise L: 2620 x 1400 mm/ 1,6 – 18 m/sec/ 15 kW

1 Lengthwise Ld: 2620 x 1400 mm/ 1,6 – 16 m/min/ 15 kW, eccentric adjustable driving roller

1 Brush Bw: Fibre/ Diameter 120 mm/ 0,75 kW

Ionizing bar Eltex Elektrostatik GmbH Type L50

Rotors in the outlet

Weight: 5100 kg


Belt conveyor with double speed

Type: TNS 4000/2V-CT

Machine No. 08098/03

Total length: 4000 mm

Adjustable speed: 3,4 – 59,3 m/min

Power 1,1 kW

Telescopic housing

Spraying robot Type: Ibotic RU2DP

Machine No. CA8098A04

Electrical robot with 2 axes groups, each groups has 4 electrical controllable axes and 1 pneumatic controllable axis.

2 Moveable tooling arms for the montage of 3 pistols, designed for surface and edge spraying.


Stückselbsterfassung durch elektronische Ableseschranke mit 128 Fotodioden.


Overspray system over double dry filter row for the separation of the paint particles from the extracted air

exhaust fan


Installed electrical power 25,90 kW

Compressed air consumption 600 NI/min.

Control cabinet with computer and display for programming and to control the spraying parameters


Bandförderer mit Doppelter Geschwindigkeit,

Type: TNS 4000/2 V- CT

Machine No. 08098/05

Total length 4000 mm

Adjustable speed: 3,4 – 59,3 m/min

Telescopic housing

Installed electrical power 1,1 kW

Multiple Floor Collector with Warm Air/ VL

Type: PF2000

Machine No. CA8098A06

5 driven band pallets. Max. Thick painted parts: 87,5 mm

Effective length: 7400 mm

Heating medium: Water


Warm air dryer Aquadry







Bar conveyor






High performance UV dryer with

1 lamp





Inclined high-performance UV dryer with 2 lamps







Bar conveyor – light








Type: FEV ALD UV 2000 TRM

Machine No. CA8098A08

Total length: 4500 mm

Supply and circulating fan throughput: 9000 m³/h

Installed electrical power: 8,05

Installed heating capacity: 100000 Kcal/h

Heating medium: Water



Length: 5500 mm

Speed max. 14 m/min; min. 2,1 m/min

Rod conveyor with double chain and chromed bars, diameter: 25 mm



Total length: 1560 mm

Single beam module with 1 Gallium lamp P420,

Lamp power: 60 – 120 W/cm

Installed electrical power max.: 18,3 kW

Control cabinet for 1 lamp



Total length: 2506 mm, 2 Single beam modules with 2 Quecksilber lamps P367

Installed electrical power min.: (80 W/cm)

26,05 kW; max. (120 W/cm) 38,25 kW

Control cabinet for 2 lamps



Length: 3500 mm

Speed max. 14 m/min; min. 2,1 m/min

Bar conveyor with double chains and chromed bars, diameter 25 mm

Installed electrical power: 0,37 kW







Roller conveyor,

Type: TRC 2500

Machine No. 08098/09

Length: 2500 mm, PVC covered rolls

Diameter: 66 mm

Power: 0,26 kW

Speed: 12,9 m/min

Air filter and humidification group

Type: GTTA

Machine No. CA 8098A10

Supply and circulating fan, throughput: 24000 m³/h

Installed electrical power: 10,3 kW

Installed heating capacity 216000 Kcal/h

Compressed air consumption 2 NI/min

Heating register Q= 216000 KCAL/H

Heating medium: Water

Humidification unit

Dimensions (L x W x H)39,90 m x 3,55 m x 5,70 m(max.)
Location48683 Ahaus, Germany


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