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Beamsaw Holzma, Type: HPP 11/43, Year of manufacture 2000

Cutting length4300 mm
Cutting width (Pusher Track)4300mm
Collets7 pieces
Collets distance75/275/475/1050/1850/2650/3450 mm
Saw blade projection125 mm
Main saw13.5 kW
Scoring saw2,2 kW
Air Tables4x 2160×650 mm


Saw carriage
forward5-100 m / min
backwardconstant 100 m / min
Program fence speed
 forward80 m / min
 backward constant80 m / min
(in EU countries = forward 25 m / min)
Angle pressing deviceOne-sided, automatically working behind the cutting line in the sawing cycle, controlled by sensor, max. Pressing width 1300 mm
Air pressure6 bar
Pressing need for150 Nl / min
Exhaust air flow4600 m³ / h
Operating voltage400 V / 50 Hz
SoftwareCADMATIC- Optimat
Location33165 Lichtenau, Germany



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