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Horizontal finger jointing lines GRECON Typ HS 120, year of production 2004

Timber thickness16-55 mm
Infeed length110-900 mm
Timber width37-152 mm
Outfeed length6100 mm
Vorschubgeschwindigkeit18-33 m/min
Horizonzal jointing
Shaper types2 single board twin shaper
Drive of cutter spindle2x 15 kW
Drive of hogger (+scoring units)2x 11,5 kW
Scoring units (up and down )
Feeding systemFeeding conveyor
Transfer stationAutomatic
Glue applicationFlankenJet
PressTwo channel press
Thrust force12 T
Capacity Sharper120 piece /min
Capacity (Horizontal jointing) 22x50x350 mm 42 m/min
Space requirement16500x 11500 mm

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