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Four- side moulder Weinig, Type: Unimat 1000 Star , Year 2002 with grooved table and loading magazine EM3

Machine no.97127
Working width20 – 230 mm
Working height8-120 mm
Jointer table2.5 m long (including joint rule)
 Grooved guide hardened, can not be dismantled, with insertion strip (min. Working width 25 mm, chip removal at the dressing spindle max. 7 mm)

A driven rubber roller in the exit table, sprung

Two driven rollers in the machine table, 210 mm wide hardened

Spindle assembly 
1. First lower5,5 kW, 6000 Upm,
2. First right5,5 kW, 7000 Upm,
3. First left5,5 kW, 7000 Upm,
4. Second right5,5 kW, 7000 Upm,
5. First upper5,5 kW, 7000 Upm,
6. Second down7,5 kW, 8000 Upm,
7. Second upper7,5 kW, 8000 Upm,
8. Free space for lower spindle 
Spindle diameter40 mm
7 quick release spindle nut 
Loading magazine Weinig EM 3for equal workpiece lengths.

Space-saving installation on the dressing table.

Workpiece length 300 – 1200 mm.

Workpiece width up to 200 mm.

Workpiece thickness from 12 mm.

for infinitely variable feed rate 0-20 m / min.

Feed systemMotor with brake; 4 kW.

Feed rate 5 – 24 m / min.

Feed height display with electronic digital display incl. Memory function.

Pick-up roller in front of 1 lower spindle pneumatically controlled “high-low”.

Durofer-Spitzzahnwalzen (weinig patent) with Tiefenbegrenzer and self-cleaning.

Extension of the pendulum axle compared to the left spindles to 150mm.

Shortened roll distance compared to the right spindles


Waxilit pump automaticallyfor removing the groove guide


Machine operationMemory function, for storing the setting values of profiles.

Spindle axes and pressure elements before and after the left and top spindles with electronic double displays the setting values.

– By manually adjusting the spindles and the printing elements, the displays are brought into agreement.

Central position of lubrication points on the front of the machine.

Tools (original tools from Weinig)1 slot cutter set – first lower spindle

3 cutter heads Centrolock 140 x 125 x 40 mm

3 cutter heads Centrolock 240 x 125 x 40 mm

Massapprox. 5000 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 

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