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Edge gluing and finishing machine IMA, type: Novimat/ I / G80/ 500, year of construction: 2001

For attaching a sealing lip profile in the longitudinal direction to plate-shaped workpieces

Edging materials

Sealing lip profiles, roll goods

Workpiece length min./max.

250 -2500 mm

Workpiece width min./max.

90 -850 mm

Workpiece thickness

16 und 19 mm

Feed speed

5-25 m/min, mechanically infinitely variable

Top pressure with a V-belt 70 mm

Height electrical adjustable

Powered roller conveyor (inclined)

L: 2500 mm, W: 600 mm


Assembly arrangement:




-Milling unit for calibrating the formatted workpieces or for milling of lateral grooves, folds or profiles.


2 x 3 kW, 12.000 rpm, controllable

Working in parallel and reverse

-Groove milling unit


1 Motor 1.000 W, 400 V, 200 Hz, 12.000 rpm

Frequency converter, incl. filter und brake


-White glue spray nozzle


For injecting glue into the groove, with double membrane pump


-Gluing unit

For attaching a sealing lip profile


-1 automatic sealing lip magazine

For dispatching the sealing lip into the machine


-Cross cut saw unit

For cutting the front and rear overhang of the sealing lip profile


1 Motor 200 W, 400 V, 200Hz, 12.000 rpm

Frequency converter, incl. filter und brake

-4 Pressure rolls


Diameter: 62 mm

For pressing the sealing lip




Programmable control SPS


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