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Edge Banding machine IMA, Typ: Advantage 430 L, year of construction 2009 Incl. return system IMA Lifback 1, year of construction: 2014

Machine – No.:50200
Technical data “workpieces“
Workpiece lengthmin. 150 mm
Workpiece width65 mm (with max. Workpiece thickness 25 mm) / 150 mm
Workpiece thicknessMin. 8 mm / 12 mm (with profile scraper); Max. 40 mm (with MFA 08.346) / 60 mm (with SKF)
Smallest workpiece65 x 300/150 x 150 x 19 mm
Workpiece shaperight-angled
MaterialChipboard, MDF
Surface materialDirect coating, paper, foil, veneer
Technical data “Edge material”
Rolling stockPaper & PVC 0.3-3.0 mm; Veneer 0.5-3.0 mm; Max. Edge cross-section 150-180 mm²
Edge strips / strips cut to length3.0 – 12 mm; Max. Cross section 520 mm²
Edge heightMin. 12 mm; Max. 65 mm
Max. Upper edge overhang2 mm
Edge profilesPaper edge approx. 0.4 mm – bevel 15 °; Plastic edge up to 3.0 mm radius depending on tool; Mill the strip 12 mm flush
Technical data “machine”
Constant workpiece overhang from the chain conveyor35 mm + edge thickness
Max. Cross section520 mm²
Passage widthMin. 65 mm
Basic height (upper edge of chain conveyor)940 mm
Aggregate sideLeft in the feed direction
Pneumatic connectionApprox. 7-8 bar
Feed rate16 m / min
Transport chain80 mm wide and 60 mm long chain plates
Upper pressureElectronic height adjustment of the upper pressure automation package with start / stop positioning for three-phase motor, tolerance monitoring
Support rail for wide workpiecesExtendable
Electronic height adjustmentof the overpressure, by means of position control, incl. measuring system with start / stop positioning for three-phase motor, tolerance monitoring
Inlet area
Separating medium specificationabove and below
Format editing
Jointing unit2x 4 kW, 9000 rpm, controllable, with statistical frequency converter
Gluing area
Heater – Spotlights300 long, 2 x 1.5 kW for preheating the workpiece edge
Gluing unit with oil bath gearGlue specification 0.8 L, 60 mm high with quick-lock system. Can be used for hot melt adhesive or PU adhesive
Premelter for PURfor one PU cartridge approx. 0.3 kg alternating with a thermostat for temperature control, with a hand lever valve for melting a PU cartridge.
Pressure section1 main pressure roller + 5 secondary pressure rollers
Post processing
Trimming unit2x 0.6 kW, 120000 rpm

pneumatically pivotable to 0 ° or 8 °

Milling unit above / belowfor pre-milling / flush milling 2x 1 kW, counter-rotation

Including frequency converter with braking function

Multiple processing unit 08.3462x 0.66 kW, 400 V, 200 Hz, 12000 rpm

for chamfering and radius milling of the upper and lower longitudinal edge and copying of the front and rear workpiece corners

Profile scraper unit
Space reservefor a second profile scraper unit
Spray nozzlesfor detergent spray above and below
Self-tracing scraper unit
Buffing unitwith an upper and lower motor 0.18 kW
Standard milling unit 08.190for grooving, smoothing, profiling 4.5 kW, 9000 rpm, synchronous and counter-rotating. Including frequency converter with braking function
ControlICOS Open TS, PC control with PLC and electronic route control, program memory for 1000 programs, touch screen
Space requirement approx.9100×2100 mm
Incl. return system IMA Lifback 1The coming workpieces are taken from the machine by a vacuum plate,

which conveys the parts under a lifting station.

Commission No.306050
Workpiece length294-1000 mm
Workpiece width120-600 mm
Workpiece thickness19 mm
Weight max.20 kg

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