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Edge banding machine BIESSE, type STREAM B1 8.5 CNC, year of construction 2015

with plate returning system BIESSE type PRS-Evo 3.0 and Biesse S Trolley

Machine – No.:1000004052
Operating hours read8090h (empty machine working time 4322h)
Worked meters counter819407m
Working piece thickness10-60 mm
Working piece width100-3200 mm
Working piece length150-3200 mm
Infeed infinite adjustable10-25 m/min
Edge thickness in rollsmin 0,3 mm, max 3 mm
Edge height15-65 mm
Roll productsMelamine resin, ABS, PVC, PP, veneer up to 3 mm thickness
Square infeed systemElectropneumatic device for assisted manual insertion of panels into the machine.
Spraying liquid application unitDevice for the application of liquid using nozzles located above and below the panel.
Antiadhesive liquidAvoids the adherence of any glue waste on the panel surfaces.
Pre-milling unit RT302 x 3,5 kW, Tools DIA, Inverter, Cutter for H=60, 125x63x30 to replace the standard ones 125x43x30
Glue application unit SP10 EVA-GluesHigh-Melt System. Infrared Heater RP10.
Glue head for straight edge2 heads – application with PU glue and with EVA glue, and kit comprising one additional glue-pot with resistors
Edging magazine12 positions container for rolls of edge banding strip.
Pressure zone1 presser roller D.150 driven by inverter + 6 free rolls (3 rollers in addition to the 3 standard ones)
Gluing system PUR, installed in addition to the standard devicePolyurethanic gluing kit Nordson PURBlue 4 – High Output. Glue tank capacity 2kg. Cartridge diameter 125 mm. Melting capacity 6kg/h.
Air Force System – Step 2Hot compressed air system for application of Laser Edges, up to 25m/min speed. Range from 12 mm to 60 mm panel thickness. Installed power 12kW.
Liquid spray ADZ 
End- Trimming unit IT 90 – S2 x 0,65 kW, 12000rpm, Inverter. Kit 3 pneumatic position for IT90
Fine milling unit RF 402 x 1kW, 12000rpm, Inverter.
Liquid spray ADZ 
Multi-functional milling unit AR 800.65 kW for 4-sided machining with automatic 8-slot tool change magazine
Universal milling unit FB305 kW, 12.000rpm, Inverter, The unit can be inclined manually from 0° to 90°
Profile scraping unit RB 40Profile radius 1-3 mm
Flat scraper RC 20 
Liquid spray ADZ 
Superimposed oscillating Buffers unit SZ302 x 0,37 kW, 1400rpm.
Panel return system PRS EVO 3.2 for stream with MDS 1.1/10.5it is composed of:

– special air table at the infeed Stream B1,

– 180° conveyor with rollers and belt

– first conveyor with PVC belt, low friction 3500×1300 mm with additional support table for the turning  of the panels

– second conveyor with PVC belt, low friction 7000×1300 mm

– 180° conveyor with rollers and belt

Mobile Control PCreplaces the standard fixed PC with a stand on wheels for the PC.

Software Biesse Sintra.

2D fixed BAR-Code reader in additional to the standard BAR-Code on MDS Loop Software Management2D fixed bar-code reader at the machine infeed, to select the production working list by numerical control. This is in addition to the manual standard bar-code. The operator can select the bar-code reader to be used directly by numerical control.
MDS Loop Software ManagementProgramming software in addition to the Sintra application, which optimizes processing of several panels with different sizes, thank to the creation of a production working list dynamically filled.
Biesse S Trolley4 wheeled stock trolley, size 1,960mm x 1,600mm x 900mm with 5x vertical uprights and 3x pairs of additional fittings
Weight the machine without mechanisation5840 kg
Connection voltage, Frequency415V, 50Hz
Complete installed power40kW
Complete space requirement15628 x 9759 mm

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