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Edge banding machine BIESSE STREAM B1 8.5 with plate returning system BIESSE PRS-Evo 312, year of construction 2015

Working piece thickness10-60 mm
Working piece width100-3200 mm
Working piece length150-3200 mm
Infeed infinite adjustable10-25 m/min
Roll products max. 3 mmMelamine resin, ABS, PVC, PP, veneer
Solid wood strips max.20 mmHPL
Edge height15-65 mm
Joining unit2 x 3,5 kW
Glue application unit SP20 EVA-GluesHigh-Melt System
Pressure zone1 driven + 6 free rolls
Glue melter EVA Glue HM 20Capacity 16 kg
Gluing system PUR on Demand, gPoDExtra to standard system, capacity 6 kg
Air Force SystemHot air, zero-joint
Edging magazine6 slots
Extra glue potCapacity 1 kg
Trimming unit IT 902 x 0,65 kW
Rough milling unit RS 102 x 2 kW
Fine milling unit RF 402 x 1W
Multi-functional milling unit AR 800.65 KW for 4-sided machining with automatic 8-slot tool change magazine
Milling unit electrical spindle EB 30For rebate and for groove milling 5 kW, rotatable 90°
Profile scraping unit RB 40Profile radius 1-3 mm
Flat scraper RC 20 
Buffing unit SZ302 x 0,37 kW

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