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Edge Bander OTT, Type UM 20.6-F, year.: 1999

Machine no. P / 50012
Operation Hot melt adhesive, hot-cold process,
Unilateral in the legal version
Edge thickness 0,2 – 20 mm
Workpiece dimensions Width min 70; Length min. 150 mm;
Height min. 8 mm, max. 60 mm
Glue application via applicator roller
Machine equipped with:
Double roller top with electronic positioning
Quick heating basin for melting granules, heating time 6 mi,
electronic temperature control
Automatic edge magazine KM
For the autom. Supply of strip edges with spiked feed and pneum. pressure bars
Automatic reel magazine RM-V
With pnema.Cutting device for edges from the roll edge thickness 0,2 – 3 mm
Double cap assembly K 14
With 2 HF motors 0,6 kW, pneum. Controlled up to 60 mm material height, saw blades pneum. 3 degrees oblique
HF flushing unit HF 25.1
With 2 HF motors 1,9 kW, for edge thickness up to 25 mm, for flaring solid edges or pre-milling of plastic and veneer edges, with one-sided scanning
Precision milling machine HF.C
With 2 HF motors 0.35 kW for the upper and lower longitudinal milling of chamfers and radii on plastic, – PVC and wooden edges
Pulling blade unit ZK
Double-sided grooved for peeling off rounded PVC and plastic edges
Corner churning unit AR 2 with 2 motors 0.35 kW
Edge cleaning unit KE-O; 2 motors 0.2 kW, oscillating
Processing unit F; For attaching chipboards with 2 HF motors 1,5 kW

Feedrate infinitely via frequency converter from 10 – 18 m / min

Control range control with computer, 50 work programs
Total connection 18 kW
Working height 880 mm
Machine dimensions
Machine length 7500 mm
Machine width 960 mm
Machine height 1420 mm

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