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Edge bander HOMAG OPTIMAT, type KL 79/A20/S2 with workpiece return system Bargstedt

Technical specifications
Working width minimum:55 mm with workpiece thickness 22 mm
100 mm with workpiece thickness 60 mm
Workpiece thickness12-60 mm
Workpiece overhang30 mm
Edge material strips0,4 – 20 mm
Edge material roll0,3 – 3 mm
Roll diameter max.900 mm
Feed18 – 24 m/min
Pre-Milling Unit2 x 3 kW; 150 Hz; 9000 rpm
Workpiece preheatingfor heating the workpiece edge before the glue application
Gluing A 20Melt adhesive Unit QA34 on melting unit with granulate tank; for selective processing of hot melt adhesive or PU
Magazinefor solid edge strips goods and roll goods
Feeding the strip material through vacuum cups
Edge monitoring with automatic feed
Stop if there is no edge
Roles separator
Pressure Zone C1 driven roll press Ø 200 mm
6 after press roll Ø 70 mm
Snipping unit HL 832 x 0,5 kW; 200 Hz;12000 rpm;
Rough Trimming Unit Optimat2 x 1,5 kW; 200 Hz;12000 rpm
Multi-function Unit FK 132 x0,55 kW; 200 Hz;12000 rpm

Automatic 8-station tool changer

Universal Trimming Unit Optimat1 x 4 kW,150 Hz, 9000 rpm, Swivelling max. 90 degrees
Universal Trimming Unit Optimat1 x 4 kW,150 Hz, 9000 rpm, Swivelling max. 90 degrees
Cleaning unit profileautomatic for max. 3 different profiles
Cleaning unitRemoval of adhesive residue in the region
the glue joint
Buffing Units2 x 0,25 kW; top / bottom with oscillation
Operating voltage380/400 Volt; 50/60 Hz
Control voltage24 Volt
Control – Software:HOMAG HOMATIC NC 21
Weight approx..6000 kg
Dimensions approx. (L x W x H)9900x1400x 1800 mm
LocationD-32683 Barntrup, Germany

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