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Edge bander HOMAG OPTIMAT, Typ: KL 79/A20/S2, with workpiece return system LIGMATECH, Typ: ZHR 15

Technical specifications


Working width minimum:

55 mm with workpiece thickness 22 mm
100 mm with workpiece thickness 60 mm

Workpiece thickness

12-60 mm

Workpiece overhang

30 mm

Edge material strips

0,4 – 20 mm

Edge material roll

0,3 – 3 mm

Roll diameter max.

900 mm

Transport chain

80 mm wide with rubber pad

Workpiece support

Scissors version with roller bearing,

max. 800mm extendable


18 – 24 m/min

Pre- installation

for addition workpiece return system ZHR 15

Units :


Pre-Milling Unit (Vertical joint trimming)

2 x 3 kW; 150 Hz; 9000 rpm
for jointing trimming the workpiece edge before gluing
Electro-pneumatic control of the motor 1.

Workpiece blowoff.

Workpiece preheating

for heating the workpiece edge before the glue application

Gluing A 20:








consisting of
– Melt adhesive Unit QA34
on melting unit with granulate tank;
– Magazine
for solid edge strips goods and roll goods
Feeding the strip material through vacuum cups
Edge monitoring with automatic feed
Stop if there is no edge;
– Roles separator
– Pressure Zone C
1 driven roll press Ø 200mm
6 after press roll Ø 70 mm
Pressure adjustment pneumatically
Centric Rail adjustment to different edge thickness

Snipping unit HL 83


chamfer / straight

2 x 0,5 kW; 200 Hz;12000 Upm;

Rough Trimming Unit Optimat

2 x 1,5 kW; 200 Hz;12000 Upm

Multi function Unit (Profile Trimming Unit) FK 13


2 x0,55 kW; 200 Hz;12000 Upm

Automatic 8-station tool changer to edit the edge overhang at the on the workpiece upper-  and lower edge and the Milling around the workpiece front – and trailing edge in connection with end trimming and pre-milling unit

Multi- Clening MN21

automatic for max. 3 different profiles

Wiping device glue joint

Removal of adhesive residue in the region
the glue joint

Belt grinding unit


Fase/Radius grindig unit up

1x 0,55 kW

Profile grindig shoe


Fase/Radius grindig unit top

1x 0,55 kW

Profile grindig shoe


Buffing Units

2x 0,25 kW; top / bottom with oscillation



Operating voltage

380/400 Volt; 50/60 Hz

Control voltage

24 Volt

Power consumption

56 A

Control – Software:


Weight ca.

6000 kg

Dimensions approx (L x B x H)

9300x1400x 1800 mm


D-32683 Barntrup


 (Subject to errors, technical modifications and prior sale)


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