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Double sided edge banding machine IMA Typ: COMBIMA K/II/R/75/1510/V/R3/SO2

For formatting, profiling, edge gluing (also SOFT edge) and for edge finishing

Machine No.13416_ LEFT MACHINE
Edge materialveneer / plastic strips, rolls
Min. Workpiece lengthca. 150 mm
Min. Workpiece thicknessca.10 mm
Max. Workpiece thickness45 mm
feed rate7 – 35 m/min
Transport chain with cams
Aggregates per side:1+1
Scoring unit0,18 kW
Scriber saw2,2 kW
Chipper unit5,5/ 8 kW
Milling / Profile milling / grooving unit (running)5,5/ 8 kW
Milling / Profile milling / grooving unit (concurrent)5,5 / 8 kW
magazine for edging material6-fold
Gluing unitfor optional operation of straight edge or softforming gluing by replacing the glue
Pressure zone1 Main pressure roller +  4 repressor rollers
Hot air device top / bottom2×2,2 kW
Profile pressure zone  SOFT
Cutting saw2x 0,66 kW
Milling unit top/bottom2x 1 kW
Flat scraper  top/bottom
Copy trimming unit with two motors left / right with changeable motors 

4×0,18 kW

Grooving unit
Edge grinding unit below1,8 kW, oscillating
Profile grinding unit below0,75 kW
Profile grinding swiveling1,1 / 1,8 kW
Profile grinding swiveling1,1 / 1,8 kW
Buffing unit top / bottom0,25 kW
Weight15000 kg
Location 33165 Lichtenau ,Germany

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