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CNC Portal machining center Biesse Arrow, year 2007

for the production of doors, windows, stairs, carcass and solid wood furniture

Machine no.98642
Travel of the axes: 
X axis





4300 mm (169“), 80 m/min

4000 mm (157“), 60 m/min

4000 mm (157“), 60 m/min

300 mm (11,8“),  25 m/min


Workpiece passage height300 mm (11,8“)
2 Raster work desksever. 1600 x 3100 mm (63 “x 126”).

Total working field for synchronous operation of both tables 3220 x 3100 mm

(126 “x 122”)

Electric spindle HSD17 kW liquid cooled, max 24.000 rpm with C-axis.

2 blowing devices for tool cooling, chip removal and cleaning of the pieces.

Tool magazine with 10 placesRevolver magazine with 10 positions for holding 10 tools with 105 mm diameter or 5 tools D = 160 and 5 tools D = 50 mm.
Drilling unit BH1913 vertical spindles, 32mm pitch, T-shaped, 5 in X direction and 8 in Y direction, 3 groups for opposite horizontal holes, 1 in X direction and 2 in

Y-direction with a total of 6 horizontal spindles.

Saw unit 360 ° with horizontal motorPower: 8.1 Kw at 7,000 rpm, 360 ° rotation.

Saw blades up to 200 mm diameter and 47.5 mm thickness.

Grid tableThe two 30 mm grid work tables, for quick insertion of sealing cord or standard vacuum modules, made of phenol layer material are equipped with a vacuum clamping system. Over the entire surface, vacuum passages are integrated in the 150mm grid with quick-release fasteners.


18 lowerable stops (9 per table) arranged in “L” shape to create 2 reference points per table with a center distance of 780 mm.


M8 threaded inserts for attachment of clamping templates or clamping devices.

Buttons for start, stop, emergency stop, vacuum on / off and pressure gauge of the negative pressure.


1 pneumatic CNC-controlled output for every worktable.

Vacuum system2 vacuum pumps each. 250 m3 / h.

2 vacuum storage tanks integrated in the machine bed.

2 vacuum areas for every worktable.

Release by selector switch or foot pedal.

Mobile control panelwith PC and integrated 15 “LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Windows XP operating system with its own extension for real-time process management,

Hardware: Hard Disk 80GB, Pentium Dual Core Processor, 2.0GB RAM

CNC control, softwareSoftware Biesse WRT, software package HOPS, CAD function, graphical user interface with windows NC1000.

3D simulator with collision check at the machine workstation

Communicatorfor remote control of the axes
Teleservice packagevia Internet
Switch cabineton the right side of the machine stand
Safety deviceSafety stripe mat, protective grid on the right, left of the machine.
Electrical connection value40 kW
Mass9000 kg
Space required approx. (LxB)8965 x 7600 mm

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