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CNC machining centre HOMAG, Type BAZ 32/G with edgebandig aggregate



Working dimension

X -3600 mm, Y-1200 mm, Z – 120 mm


Feed axis

max.80 m/min X,Y

max.30 m/min Z

Technical specifications


Workpice lengt

max. 3600 mm

Workpice width

max.1200 mm

Workpice hight

max. 40 mm with edge

max.60 mm without edge with standard tensioners

max.120 mm without edge with clamping template

min. 12 mm fase milling

min. 2 x Radius 10 mm radius milling

Main spindle

Motor 12 kW, water cooling ,1500-18000 Upm

Drilling verical 17 Spindle 

11 drilling spindle in the X direction, 6-drilling spindle in the Y direction, available individually, distance 32 mm, Drive 1,9 kW , 7500 rpm,

Toll clamping system


Toll changer

12 positions

Agregate for toll changer

for automatic exchanging into the working spindle

Saw aggregat

Saw  Ø 180 mm

continuous rotation about the C axis

Drilling /Milling aggregat

4 Spindle

for horizontal drilling und light milling

continuous rotation about the C axis

Blowing nozzle workpise edge

continuous rotation about the C axis

Seperate Y axis

for Gluing aggregat

Gluing aggregate  360°

for straight edges with direct glue application,

Edge height  max. 45 mm,

Edge strengh plastic,0,4- 3 mm, Veneer 0,4 – 2 mm

min. edge lengt  230 mm

Edge magazine

3 – fold


Smooth table with laminated board

Worktable assignment

1x 3600 mm; 2×1200 mm;

Contur Leser

Positioning aid

Vakuum pump

2x 66/100 m³/h

Safety device

Shut-off mat

Software and  Maschine control

Homatic-CNC System NC 83,  SPS

WoodWop 4.5

Operating voltage

380/400 Volt, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

approx  33 kW


approx 7 500 kg

Dimensions ( L x W x H)

Approx 8700x5000x2900mm

(Subject to errors, technical modifications and prior sale)


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