CNC Machining Centre BIESSE, type: Rover B FT 2231, year 2015 Nesting-CNC Machine

Operating hours the main spindle2512h
Number of machining axes3 axes  (incl. flange on the spindle for assembly of aggregates)
Working speed max.X= 85 m/min; Y= 85 m/min; Z= 20 m/min
Z axis stroke405 mm
Z axis workpiece passage200 mm (with sweeper arm 120 mm)
Z axis controlled by an independent axis 
Work area 
Working Table FTX-3100 mm; Y= 2205 mm
Pendulum machining functionalitythe machine can work continuously without having to wait on the operator’s intervention. For example to load the panel on an origin while the machine is working on the opposite origin.
Working area



The machine has 1 working area with 2 left origins, 1 front and 1 rear.
Vacuum system  
16 zones Multizone vacuum systemThe working table is divided into zones, each of which is activated independently by the NC, granting the best vacuum optimization. It allows the locking of panels with different dimensions minimizing vacuum dispersion, without any operator intervention.
Rotary claws vacuum pumps Busch MM 13223 x 360 m³/h
Air Spin – Electrospindle13.2 kW with HSK F63 coupling, air cooled with blowing device through the tool holder, speed from 1000 to 24000rpm


Presetting for measuring the tool length with a diameter of up to 130 mm


Flange for the assembly of units on the electrospindle

Boring head BH 20with 20 vertical independent spindles (11 spindles along the X axis and 9 spindles along the Y axis), 32 divisions
Revolver tool magazine8 tool places, max. tool diameter of 110 mm, max. tool weight 7.5 kg, max. total weight 32kg, positioned on the carriage of the Y axis.
Loading panels (mechanisation)  
Scissorlift with motorized rollers and label printing ZB410The scissor lift is capable to lift the stack to the correct quote for alignment and machine loading operations. The loading panel enables the handling of both porous and non-porous materials of thicknesses min. 3mm, whilst also equipped in automatic labelling. Label printing and applications system with 0-90° rotation. Label dimension min 50x50mm, max 100x100mm.
Moving the workpiece for steel connection frames with wheelsThe frame, is equipped with freewheels which reduces panel’s friction during the loading cycle.
Rear Loading, Flow from Right to Left 
Automatic Loading on the machine tableLoading Vacuum cups system (through 5 cups)
Unloading System from machine tableSweeper arm for panel unloading with integrated suction supports the spoil board cleaning.
The machine is equipped with an additional system option for thin and porous panels loading.Min loadable panel thicknesses 3mm. The machine’s software has upgrade for NC positioned Sweeping Arm.
Vacuum aspiration from below, between machine and unloading belt. 
Outfeed belt conveyorLength 3600mm, incl. top dust collection system. Clean the panel’s top face and inside the grooves generated by the machining .
Remote control panelall main functions for setting up the work area and for loading the processing unit and the tool changer
Automated central lubrication 
Electrical cabinet with 19” LCD screen 
Control SystemControl cabinet with Windows-based PC and control system card BH660
SoftwareIntegration BiesseWorks Advanced,  BiesseNest, Module for management of waste material for BiesseNest with Algorithm supervisor. Possibility of executing DXF, CID3, CIX files directly on the machine.

High level interfacing module for Supervisor software connection

Safety equipmentBumper, combined with the photocells, without space on the floor, with dynamic pendulum processing. Modification of the safety wire net panels for connection of the machine to the Winstore 3D K2. High precision linear stop. Upgrade to EC compliant safety systems for Rover B FT2231, safety fence and photocells barriers to a greater distance from any moving part.
Connection voltage, Frequency415 V – 50Hz
Complete installed powerabout 35kW
Weight only the machineabout 5500 kg
LocationBarntrup / Germany

(Subject to errors, technical modifications and prior sale)


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