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Cefla – Robot iBotic, Heesemann – Painting line, Year 2008



consisting of


1. Infeed conveyor belt

Cefla Mod. TNS4650/RPT

Length 4600mm, width 1400mm

2. Dedusting machine

Heesemann EA8 – C

3. Conveyor belt

TNS 1500-CT

4. High gloss paint

iBotic CW

Available axes X, Y, Z, B – rotatable 360 °

Workspace of the robot with axes X, Y:
Working length 3500 mm,
Working width 1250mm.
Workspace with the axis Y:
Working length (belt length) – 4500mm
Working width -1250mm
Dimensions of the machine:
LxWxH = 6600 x 3300 mm 3300X

5. Between conveyor belt

TNS 1500-CT

6. Angular transfer

Cefla GT 180/4500/4710

7. Intermediate conveyor belt

TNS 1500-CT

8. High dryer

Type: VN 2000/2-7400/150/42

Number of pallets 42 pcs.
Length each pallet 7400 mm
Working length each pallet approx 7000mm (e.g. 1x7000mm or 2x3500mm)

Dimensions of the dryer

LxBxH – 9450 x 4350 x 4400 mm

9. Outlet conveyor

TNS 4500

10. Water filtering


11 air Hyperfilter

FC 30U

12. 2K paint system ohne pumps

Kremlin Cyclomix IV Airmix

Space requirement L x B

approx. 20600 x 9400mm


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