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Beamsaw HOLZMA Type: PROFILINE HPP 300/ 38/32,   Year of manufacture : 2015 with loading – lifting table Type: HEE

Cutting length3800 mm
Schnitbreite (Pusher Track)3100 mm
Min.Panel size50×50 mm
Collets6 pieces
Collets distance75/275/475/1075/1525/3125 mm
Saw blade projection95 mm
Main saw13,5 kW, Ø380 mm
Scoring saw 1,5  kW, Ø180 mm
Saw carriage forward/  backward1-130 m / min  /  constant 130 m / min
Performence Paket BR3/ 4
patented central angle pressing device
Erfordelicher air pressure6 bar
Pressing need for140 Nl / min
Exhaust air flow3350 m³ / h
Operating voltage400 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption20,9 kW
SoftwareCADMATIC 4.0 Professional
Operating systemWindows 7
Monitor21-inch Full HD multitouch display
ModemOnline, USB Port
Loading Lifting table HOLZMA Type HEE
Panel size for Lifting table3300×2200 mm
Stacking module LITLEStacking module ,, Pallet,,

Stacking module ,, Stacking trolley,,

Space requirement11200×7200 mm

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