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Beam saw GIBEN, Typ PRISMATIC 2 SP H.100



Cutting lenght

4500 mm

Saw blade projection

100 mm

Collet open

117 mm

Cutting with

min. 70 mm



1 angle stop

90 Grad

3 air tables

2000×510 mm

1 air table

1000×510 mm

1 air blower


Saw carriage


Feed speed

1-100 m/min

Reverse speed

100 m/min

Main saw motor

7,5 kW

Main saw -rotation speed

3760 U/min

Main saw blade  ᴓ

400 mm

Main saw wave ᴓ

75 mm

Scoring saw motor

2,2 kW

Scoring saw rotation speed

5035 U/min

Scoring saw  blade  ᴓ

215 mm

Scoring saw wave  ᴓ

50 mm

Pusher area


Pusher strocke

7500 mm

Feed speed

1-60 m/ min

Reverse speed

60 m /min

Seide alignment


with a raised and lowered, rubberized rollers on the slide side and server side, is automatically integrated into the workflow of the machine and presses the plate material to be divided against the angle stop. This ensures that it can be aligned at a precise angle to the last cut.


Alingment wide

70-2200 mm



2 extraction near the pressure beam

115 mm

1 suction down the side of the machine bed

200 mm

Machine Control

G- Drive 2 D



Inkl. Label printer

cab Apollo 13


7050 kg

Dimesions (L x B )

6400 x 8000 mm


D 32683 Barntrup


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