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Automatic short-cycle continuous press with side pressure device ITALPRESSE Typ MARC

Technical data of the press: 
Steel heating plates3100 x 1400 mm,
Floors opening140 mm
Loading side1400 mm
Specific pressure on 80% the surface 

15 kg/cm²

Total pressure520 Ton
Assignment of the press– until lengths 1400 mm, 2 parts in succession,

– from 1400 mm, ever upward only 1 part

Pressure cylinder6, ever. ᴓ 200 mm
Cylinder stroke140 mm
Number of return Cylinders2
Opereting pressuremax. 280 Bar
Closing time / opening time aboutapprox. 3 – 4 sek.
Time to reach the pressureapprox. 3 sek.
Press equipped with the following additional equipment
Electronic flatness control
Automatic switching to pressing speed
Unwinding for top film
Separate heating circuits for top and bottom heating plate
Electrical elimination of a cylinder row
Differentiated pressure setting for a cylinder row
Horizontal side pressure device:both sides
Passage width1330 mm
Min. Workpiece width


1200 mm
Total pressure20 T
Pressure cylinder (with pressure rail)a page 6 St., opposite side 12 St.
Pressure railinterchangeable at different workpiece thicknesses
Feed belt1400×3600 mm, 8-40 m/min
Outfeed roller conveyor1400×3600 mm, non-drive
Electric cabinetThe entire control is performed with Programmable System
WeightApprox. 20.000 kg
Operating voltage380V, 50 Hz (control 220V)
Required space (L x B )11000 x 4300 mm
LocationUlm/ Deutschland

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