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5-Axes CNC Machining Centre HOMAG, type: BMG 311 Venture 316M, year of production 2014

Working piece length max.3300 mm (single); 300-1740 mm (Pendulum)- All units

3475 mm (single); 300-1925 mm (Pendulum) tool diameter 25 mm


Working piece width max.950  mm- front; 1400 mm- back (All units)

1050  mm- front ;1550 mm- back (tool diameter 25mm)


Travel speedmax. 270 mm incl. clamping medium

up to max. 60 mm with standard clamp without restriction

Traversing speedX_axis  =35 m/min , Y-axis = 60m/min

Z-axis = 25 m/min

Working tableRaster table
Powerclamp Pneumatik PaketDual circuit vacuum system
Positioning LED 
Vakuum pump90/108 m³/h
5 axes main spindle 10 kW Drive 5C


Gimbal 5-axis head for milling, drilling and sawing with any angle, interface for HSK 63, Liquid cooling, frequency converter 0-24000 1 / min
Tool change 18 foldtraveling with the X support, HSKF63
Tool change   9 foldlinks im Maschinenbett

für Werkzeuge  und Aggregate mit HSKF63

Drilling head  21Spindeln V17/H4/S0/90°  2,2 kW17 vertical spindles High-Speed 11 in the X direction and 7 in the Y direction

4 Horizontal spindels with Saw 0/90 ° 2 in the X direction and 2 in the Y direction



Operating voltage400 Volt , 50/60 Hz
ControlPower Control PC 85

Cad Plugin to create and edit 2D drawings

Control cabinet freestanding 
Savety deviceSafety monitoring with pressure-sensitive switching springs
Space requirements B/L/H approx7800x5100x2900 mm
Weight approx7000 kg

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