Beamsaw Holzma, Type: PROFILINE HPL 510/43/22 with lift table feed and heavy duty roller conveyor,  Year 2004

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Beamsaw Holzma, Type: PROFILINE HPL 510/43/22 with lift table feed and heavy duty roller conveyor, Year 2004

Position No 1869

Machine no.0-240-02-2099
Operating hours read13495 h
Cutting length4300 mm
Cutting width (program slider travel)4300 mm
Combiprofile rail (element 2-spuring)5 pcs
Lifting table size4300×2200 mm
Platen dimension for lifting table loadingmax. 4300 x 2200 mm

min.1120 x 400 mm

Stack height lift table

  with floor-level installation max.

  when installed in pit max.

680 mm

880 mm

Payload lift table max7 to
Heavy duty roller conveyor type Her 43/227 to
Dimension forklift recess1250 mm
Main saw18 kW
Scoring unit2,2 kW
Main saw blade450 x 4,8 x 60 mm
Scoring saw180 x 4,8- 5,8 x 45 mm
Saw blade projection125 mm
Collets 2-fingered9 pcs.
Micro Slots (Pos. 1680, 2770 mm)2 pcs.
Collets distance75/275/475/1050/1425/1825/2625/3025/3425 mm
Air table1 pcs. 2810 x 650 mm

3 pcs. 2160 x 650 mm

Nozzle division the air cushion tables70 x 70 mm
Automatic pressure bar height control
Automatic header height
Adjustable pressure bar pressure
Adjustable collet pressure
Completely dimmed machine table (saw body)
Saw carriage
 forward1-150 m/min
 backwards constant150 m /min
Program fence speed
 forward80 m/min
 backward80 m/min
 (in EU countries forward = 25 m / min)
Angle presser device
Min. Pressure width0 mm
Max. Pressure widthcomplete cutting length
Required air pressure6 bar
Pressing need150 Nl/min
Exhaust air volume5800 m³/h
ControlPower Control CADmatic 4.0
Operating systemWindows XP
Monitor15 inch TFT flat screen
ModemAnalogue / USB connection
SoftwareCutting plan display in moving sequence graphic

2-D / 3-D, Network-enabled, Integrated tool management with closure data acquisition, Graphical and video sequences-supported fault diagnostics, Antivirus protection

Rotatorautomatic turning device for top cuts

rotation of the positioned package by 90 ° in the head cutting position. After copying the main part is turned back to the starting position.

Retaining device for thin platesOption for thin plates with a thickness up to min. 3 mm
Label printing stationPICA
Electric connection value 29,7 kW
Operating voltage400 V/ 50 Hz
Complete weight14.000 kg
LocationGdansk Poland

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