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Lacquering / Spray installation GIARDINA Typ GS 20, year of construction: 2011/2016

Factory Refurbished 2016 :

Dimensions of the working piecesLength max. 3300mm

Width max. 1300 mm

Height max.150 mm

Loading belt conveyor BT 3600L 3600 mm
Spraying robot GS 20


21 kW

14.000 m³/h

6 Bar

Working feedPape taper
Number of spray arms1 Moveable tooling arms for the montage of 3 pistols, designed for surface and edge spraying.
Number of color cycle3
Belt conveyormovable on rails
Hot air oven GP Jet Plus


Length 7065 mm


Unloading belt coneyor BT 4000L4000 mm
Space requirements (L x B) ca.14,70 m x 8,50 m



(Subject to errors, technical modifications and prior sale)


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