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CNC Machining Centre WEEKE, Typ: OPTIMAT BHX 050, Bj.: 2012 

Small all-rounder for drilling, milling and sawing.

Machine no.0-250-11-2402
Working piece length X200-2500 mm
Working piece width Y70-850 mm
Working piece thickness Z12-60 mm
Vector speedX/Y 50 m/min; Z 15 m/min
Vertical High-speed V8  drilling spindles

Grid 32 mm

2,3 kW ; 1500 – 7500 1/min( frequency converter) incl. quick change drilling system
No. of horizontal X-spindles4, Grid 32 mm
No. of horizontal Y-spindles2 , Grid 32 mm
Grooving saw XDiameter 100 mm
Milling motor incl. frequency converter5 kW, 6.000- 24.000 1/min
Milling motor including hydraulic quick-change system suitable for manual tool changes
Workpiece length dependent machining in the X directionDrilling and / or milling operations can be carried out in woodWOP depends on the workpiece length programmed. The measured difference is automatically offset against the programmed target value.
1 stop cylinder for workpiece positioning
Workpiece collet for workpiece positioningin X direction
automatic Workpiece thickness adjustment
SteuerungPowerControl PC 85, Wood WOP
Power consumption11,5 kW
Absaugstutzen160 mm
Weight1600 kg
Dimensions (L x B x H)2930 x 1468 x 1900 mm

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