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Edge banding machines Brandt, Typ: OPTIMAT  KDF 440C AMBITION 1440 FC Year of Production 2014

for processing straight workpiece edges and for gluing and reworking various edge materials in lengthwise and crosswise

Machine No.0-261-08-2031
Workpiece thickness8 – 60 mm
Workpiece overhang38 mm
Edge thickness in rolls0,4 – 3 mm
Edge thickness in strip0,4 – 8 mm
Feed rate8-14 m/min
Automatic edge magazinefor rolls and fixed lengths
Roller plate max.Ø 830 mm
Elektrik400V/50 Hz
Pneumatik6 bar
Aggregate : 
Jointing cutter unit2x 2,2 kW;200Hz
Gluing unit A 8 
Trimming saw2x 0,18 kW; 12,000 rpm swiveling  0-15 °,
Pneumatic adjustment caps chamfer / straight
Pre-milling unit2 x 0,55 kW; 12000 Upm (counter-rotation)
Multifunctional profile milling unit2 x 0,4 kW; 200 Hz; 12000 Upm

Machining on the upper and lower edge of the workpiece as well as for corner copying of the front and rear edge

Scraper profile unitwith quick change tools
Glue joint scraper 
Buffing unit2x 0,09 kW
Electronic control Power Control PC 20+Brandt control system with color graphic user interface for easy and convenient operation and programming
– Electromotoric height adjustment 
-PU- Top pressure rollers instead of rubber rollers 
-QUICKMELT – Gluing unit 
Pneumatic packagefor trimming saw and scraper
Glue joint scraper 
Weight2100 kg
Machine length5273 mm

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