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Edge banding machines Brandt, Typ: Optimat KDF 650 C, Ambition 1650 FC Year of Production 2012

for processing straight workpiece edges and for gluing and reworking various edge materials in lengthwise and crosswise

Machine No.0-261-20-6635
Working height950 mm
Workpiece thickness8 – 60 mm
Workpiece width min:70 mm (with workpiece thickness 8-22 mm); 120 mm (for workpiece thickness 23-40 mm); 150 mm (with workpiece thickness 41-60 mm)
Edge thickness in rolls0,4 – 3 mm ; Roll diameter max.830 mm
Edge thickness in strip 0,4 – 12 mm 
Feed rate8-18 m/min 
Feed rate with form trimming 14 m/min
Aggregates equipping
Joint milling unit2x 2,2 kW; 200 Hz (1 parallel 1 counter-rotation)
Gluing unit A12 consist of:Workpiece preheating; QUICKMELT – order unit; Adhesive reactivation infrared emitter; Automatic edge magazine for roll goods and fixed lengths; Pressure zone
Trimming unit chamfer / straight2x 0,35 kW; 12,000 rpm swiveling  0-15 °,
Pneumatic adjustment caps chamfer / straight
Pneumatic adjustment of caps chamfer / straightFor electro-pneumatic switching of the trimming unit from straight to bevel
Pneumatic 2-point adjustment caps
Pre-Milling unit2 x 0,55 kW; 12000 rpm 
Pneumatic 2-point adjustment
Multifunctional form milling unit2 x 0.4 kW; 200 Hz; 12000 rpm

Machining on the upper and lower edge of the workpiece as well as for corner copying of the front and rear edge

Grooving unit1 x 3,5 kW;200 Hz; 12000Upm, swiveling 0-90 °
Scraper profile unit with quick change tools
Pneumatic adjustment of scraper
Glue joint scraper
Buffing unit          
Electronics controlPOWER CONTROL PC 20+
Electrical equipment400V/50 Hz
Pneumatic connection6 bar
Weight 3000 kg
Machine length6250 mm

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