CNC Machining Centre HOMAG , type: BOF211 VENTURE 13L, year of production 2012

Working table Clamping table with consoles ( 8) and hose-free vacuum guide for flexible positioning of any number of vacuum clamps
Traversing speedVector speed = 113 m / min X_axis / Y-axis = 80 m/min ; Z-axis = 30 m/min
Workpiece parametersWorkpiece length individually (all units) = 4000 mm Workpiece length individually (tool diameter 25 mm) = 4175 mm Workpiece length pendulum (all units) = 1375 mm Workpiece length pendulum (tool diameter 25 mm) = 1550mm
Laser positioning aid for clamping devicesThe laser is built on the main spindle
Main spindle15 kW; Spindle with hybrid bearing; with interface for HSK F63; Liquid cooling; with frequency converter for electronic speed regulation; Tool weight max. 6 kg; Tool length max. 200 mm; Milling tool diameter max. 180 mm; Grinding tool diameter max. 200 mm
C-Achse interface for Adapter units 
Interface for Flex 5 unit
12-fold magazine at the backTool holder HSK F63, assembly weight: 60 kg
Drill head 16 spindlesMotor 2.2 kW; frequency controlled
12 high-speed vertical spindles7 drilling spindles in X-direction 6 drilling spindles in Y direction Direction of rotation right / left, grid 32 mm
4 horizontal spindles with saw 0/90 °2 drilling spindles in X direction 2 drilling spindles in Y direction A drill spindle reinforced with a holder for a grooving saw Saw blade diameter: 125 mm 1 free space for add-on milling spindle
Vakuum pump Reinforced 100/140 M3 / H 
Operating voltage400 Volt , 50/60 Hz 
operating systemWindows XP
Software WOODWOP 
Control cabinet freestanding800x800x2000 mm
Savety deviceSecurity stepmate, Safety barier  
Weight approx  6800 kg


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